Let's start with some context:


Two years ago, I found a huge box that my dad inherited from my grandpa. It was full to the brim with slides. The photos spanned over 5 decades, from the 1940s to the 1990s. Some of them, no one in my family had seen in over 50 years. Some, never.


I spent hours upon hours looking at them with my grandpas old slide projector. Then, I spent the whole next summer scanning them. Of the thousands of photos, 59 of them were especially intriguing. They were taken in Europe in 1950 (his trip is outlined below). I used the internet to find their exact location.


Then, I went.
Using the same film camera my grandpa did, I retook the 59 photos across Europe.


The camera I used is called an Argus C3. It's completely mechanical. No light meter, no autoexposure. This thing is over 60 years old, so I hoped and prayed the photos would turn out. I was pleasantly surprised! 


These are some of my favorite/best retakes:


Here are all of them.


London Underground - 1950

London Underground - 2017

A little Paris video.