I LIKE: Space, maps, cameras, coffee table books.

I HATE: spiders, really hot days (82+),  less than 8 hours of sleep.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 2nd Grade Poetry Contest, 1st Place

Unofficially known as "Karaoke Jesus"


When I arrived at BYU to study advertising, I felt a little like Harry Potter when he got to Hogwarts. After symbolically spending years living in a cupboard under the stairs, I'd found my place, and I'd found my people. A place where I could finally let my creativity run rampant. For me, creativity is entertainment when I am bored, my solace when I’m down, my driving force, my first love, and ultimate outlet. All I hope for is that I can continue on a path where I'm creatively fulfilled, to find a place that is my Hogwarts 2.0.

And to one day go to space forreals.

Here's a bonus photo of me without a space suit (but with my girl Oprah):


Here are some events I've been to with the  AdLab.

Here's some brands I've been able to work with in the BYU Adlab.